Top 10 Don'ts When Staying in a Hotel

anthony melchiorri sits on couch outside of hotel during the day

Anthony Melchiorri, host of Hotel Impossible, gives you his list of the top 10 things not to do when checking in to a hotel. From treating the staff correctly to keeping your cool, you'll be sure to have an even more enjoyable escape by using his extensive checklist.

1. Don't yell at the staff. Ever.

2. Don't tell anyone your room number. (A desk agent should point to your room number and not announce it to the world.)

3. Don't get bent out of shape when the night desk agent asks to see your "new friend's" identification. Additionally, do not let a hotel employee into your room if he does not have an ID.

4. Don't blame hotel staff for stealing your stuff. My personal experience is that the guests eventually find 99% of the items that they report stolen from their rooms. However, it is your right to ask the manager to call the police to file a police report.

5. Don't order from room service if you notice that the pages are dirty and torn. Also don’t order if the menu reads "Winter Menu" when it's spring.

6. Don't use the bathroom washcloths to take off your makeup or shine your shoes.

7. Don't throw anything in the room garbage if you don't want the hotel staff to know about it, including insulin needles (or any needle). Properly dispose of them.

8. Don't abuse the privilege of late checkout. If you really need to stay past 1 p.m., ask for the manager.

9. Don’t leave your luggage unattended in a hotel lobby — even for a second.

10. Don't be embarrassed! Call the hotel after you’ve checked out, and the staff will send you your forgotten sex toys. Just as they would send your baby blanket back to you. Promise.

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Anthony offers tips on how you can avoid staying in a disgusting hotel room.

Don't Stay in a Filthy Room


Anthony offers tips on how you can avoid staying in a disgusting hotel room.

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